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Bum or Nappy Rash

Bum or Nappy Rash is a generic term for abnormal skin in the nappy area. However, there are clues as to what is causing the rash. It is simple to put napkin dermatitis into three broad categories:

Contact or irritation dermatitis often on areas in contact with the nappy, where urine and stool come into contact with the skin for excessive periods of time. Candida or thrush is also a common cause of a spotty red, raw nappy rash, and is commonly seen the newborns or post-antibiotic use.

Allergic napkin dermatitis can be related to a reaction to a specific nappy or wet wipe; they can also be seen in the napkin creases in children with diffuse eczema or allergic dermatitis. As can be seen, the treatment for each of these can be quite different, and prevention essential to avoid recurrence.

Bum Or Nappy Rash Condition