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Fever is a natural and normal reaction to an inflammatory reaction in the body, most frequently, but not limited to, infection. There are many thermometers available and most importantly, get to know yours, as well as your child’s “normal” temperature as a guide to an abnormal temperature.

When does a fever need treating?

Well, I always emphasise treating the child, not the temperature, i.e. if your child is sore, unhappy, miserable and lethargic treat, equally if the temperature is 38.5°C and baby is happy and playful let the temperature/fever stand. But anything over 39°C requires some intervention:

  • Paracetamol 15mg/kg oral 6 hourly or 25mg/kg rectal (suppository)
  • Mefenamic acid 10mg/kg 8 hourly oral or rectal
  • Ibuprofen 5-10 mg/kg 8 hourly (with food)
  • Diclofenac acid 1 mg/kg rectal 8 -12 hourly
  • A warm bath to ensure hands and feet arm warm
  • Do not over cover the child.

SEEK ASSISTANCE if the fever is persistent, recurrent, has an unclear cause or if you have travelled recently.

Fever Condition