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The airway and mouth are protected by many things that include lymphoid (immune) tissue in the form of tonsils (oral) and adenoids (nasal).  They can unfortunately also be the sight of both acute and more chronic infections and enlargement.

Acute tonsillitis or tonsil infections is usually indicated by poor eating, neck glands, fever and sleepy behaviour.  An acute bacterial tonsillitis like – a urinary tract infection and malaria of the most common cause (in my experience) of fever ++ with rigors (body shakes) and nocturnal delirium.

Tonsillitis can be viral (EBV / Glandular fever), bacterial (Group A Streptococcus) and are often reactive to other viral upper respiratory infections. Chronic and recurrent infections requiring frequent antibiotics; poor eating and bad upper airway obstruction (when sleeping) may be an indication to remove tonsils and adenoids. SNORING IS NEVER NORMAL IN KIDS.

Tonsillitis Condition