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Like so much in the world today, people are aiming for healthier, more natural and safe. Sadly, the greatest advance in medicine, vaccines have been targeted as unnatural and dangerous, while they have irrefutably saved more lives than any doctor, paramedic or antibiotic.

Because we vaccinate, most people (doctors included) would not recognize Measles or Polio today! Equally the vaccines available today, versus those I had 100’s of years ago, are cleaner, purer with fewer antigens for equal effect.

Today we can not only prevent Polio and Measles but avoid almost all bacterial Meningitis and prevent cancer (cervical).

I recommend vaccines for all, but I am always open for healthy educated discussion and individualisation of vaccine regime to try and alleviate fears and concerns while still offering every child I care for the best in primary preventative medicine.

Vaccines Condition